Note to Self …

It’s easy to trust God when everything is going as planned.  But what do you do when all the walls are closing in in on you, and you feel like your drowning in all of life’s issues and circumstances?

When I’ve done all I can and nothing else seems to change in my favor, I just call on the name of JESUS. Sure, I could stress, worry about it, and allow it to consume my every thought, but truth be told, I would much rather give the situation to my father in heaven whom has a black belt in handling things of this nature.  Anything I can’t handle or control is not my battle…It is the Lord’s.

I can’t claim the Lord is above all things, but yet I’m fighting a fight that was never mine to fight. Our God will never give up on us, even when we’ve given up on him.  Just trust him.

What’s your story?

We all have a story to tell. Some some good, and some not so good. Nevertheless, it’s our story, which means it belongs to us. If we’re not careful, other will make an synthetic copy of a beautiful original. Anyone else telling your story Is a mere copy of an original.

The most difficult aspect of any journey is taking the first step. Today is your day. Today is the day you take the first step towards truth, freedom and your destiny.

Note: When we neglect to tell our story, rest assured others will.

What’s your story?